ECL offers sampling and analysis services for residential wells in Maryland's Harford, Baltimore, Carroll and Howard counties.

Experts agree that at minimum, every residential well should be checked annually for coliform bacteria. When required for legal purposes (real estate transfers, use & occupancy permits, new well certifications, adoptions, refinances, day care), ECL personnel (certified by the Maryland Department of the Environment) must collect the sample.

Homeowners wishing to test for their own personal information may choose to bring in their sample to the lab. Samples are accepted Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Without prior arrangements, samples will not be accepted on Friday, National Holidays or the day before a National Holiday.

Payment is requested at the time ECL receives the sample and can be made by cash, check, VISA or Mastercard.

Use & Occupancy permits, new wells, refinances, and real estate transfers normally require the following:

Sampling Fee $50.00
Coliform Bacteria $25.00
Nitrate $20.00
Turbidity $5.00
pH $5.00
Total $100.00

Day Care licenses and adoption applications normally require the following:

Sampling Fee $50.00
Coliform Bacteria $25.00
Nitrate $20.00
Total $95.00

ECL is not responsible for determining the required tests. Different agencies and lending institutions have different requirements. FHA and VA loans often require additional tests for lead and nitrite. Please check before ordering your tests.

The following is a list of common tests requested by homeowners. This list does not fully encompass ECL's capabilities. Other tests can be found under the services price list.


Test Cost
Sampling (routine) $45.00
Sampling (special) $75.00/hr, portal to portal


Test Cost
Total Coliform & E. Coli, Presence/Absence $25.00
Total Coliform & E. Coli, Most Probable Number $35.00
Heterotrophic Plate Count $50.00


Test Cost
Arsenic $20.00
Calcium $20.00
Copper $20.00
Hardness $20.00
Iron $20.00
Lead $20.00
Magnesium $20.00
Potassium $20.00
Sodium $20.00


Test Cost
Chloride $20.00
Fluoride $20.00
Nitrate $20.00
Nitrite $20.00
Sulfate $20.00


Test Cost
MTBE EPA 524.2(BTEX - MTBE) $180.00
Short-Term Gross Alpha Gross Beta $160.00
Conductivity $10.00
pH $5.00
Total Dissolved Solids $15.00
Turbidity $5.00

All prices are subject to change.